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Consulting and
Interim management

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Supply Chain Management

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Decreasing costs - Increasing performance!

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Our target? Your success!

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Our approach? Pragmatic and target-oriented

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Experience and support for your company

Dittmann und Partner at a glance.

Not only theoretic solutions or concepts, but pragmatism and execution for your success, tailor-made. That´s our target.

Our main focus along the supply chain:

  • Supply Chain Management / Logistic strategies
  • Projectmanagement / Ramp up management and ramp down management
  • Supplier development and management of suppliers / Sourcing
  • Production / Maintenance strategies
  • Quality management / Preparations for certifications
  • IT / Defining, evaluation and introduction of ERP systems
  • Controlling / Accounting
  • Sales / Business expansion / Acquisition of new customers
  • Outsourcing / Focusing on coe business / Insourcing
  • Restructuring / Business modification

Our proposal?

  • Sustainable cost optimization
  • Sustainable enhancement of company KPI´s
  • Improvement of your competitiveness 
  • Projectmanagement
  • Interim Management
  • Coaching of your employees and of your management

Our experience?

You want to know more detailled informations concerning our customers and our background? We invite you to take a look at References .

Please call us!

Your Benefit?

  • Experience in leading and managing companies in different branches and different sizes
  • Pragmatism and prompt and sustainable execution
  • Experience in successful turnaround of diverse companies